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Sending fax from you email coult not have been easier.

Go to Applications > Fax Server

Create New Fax Server by clicking Add

Enter the details for fax server as desired, below image will give you an idea.

Once you clicked on Advance the fax server page will expand and you will see the following section. Fill in you Fax Email IMAP Settings so that FusionPBX fax server can read and retrieve email from the specified folder. In this case Inbox

Next step is to configure cron job

Login to the terminal of your server

and type crontab – e and press enter

Your crontab / cron job schedule will open

enter the below line which will make cronjob to check for email inbox every one minute

* * * * * php /var/www/fusionpbx/app/fax/fax_emails.php

restart cron service by typing the following command

systemctl restart cron

Now any authorised sender that you have specified who send email to that email that you specified earlier will be able to send fax from their email. The format for sending fax from email is

in the To field type the fax email address

in the subject type [out]xxxxxxxxxx

where X is the fax number you are sending the fax to.

Thats it, Happy Faxing

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