Trunk between two Fusion PBX Servers

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In this post I will be writing how to create a trunk between two fusion pbx servers.

PBXA is the sender carrier

PBXB is the receiving carrier

We will be creating a trunk (check my previous post) and sending to PBXB. Both pbx servers are on different networks and ISPs.

Please follow this post on how to create a truk. Now you have created the trunk on PBXA and have successfully registered on PBXB but you call routing is not working. i.e you calls are not going out to PBXB from PBXA.

To achieve above problem we need to add PBXA IP to PBXB ACL acl list like below.

Menu > Access Control List > domains > Add IP in CIDR format

Create local extentions as per normal and create destinations as per normal on PBXB.

You call routing is still not complete. Now the final step is to go to PBXA and create bridge which will route calls to PBXB.

To achieve this go to

Menu > Applications > Bridges > Add

Finally click save

Here is an example of the format.

Thats it. Now your calls will start flowing from PBXA > PBXB

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