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I am taking a scenario here. I have two Fusion PBX Servers. PBX1 and PBX2. Pbx1 is connected the Telecom Wholesale Provider or Wholesale SIP Trunk provider.

I want to act like a SIP Trunk provider and provide a SIP Trunk to Ppbx2 from Pbx1 and thus Pbx2 can have its own extentions and setup his own pbx and can do customisation.

Create Extention from the Provider PBX which in this case is PBX1

Next you need to create an extention

New ext number

Extentsion PASSWORD is created automatically once you save the extention. Just revisit the extension to get the extension password.

Voicemail password

Select domain and type context.

Finally make sure it is enabled

Next click on Dialplan Menu and click on Destination

Add new destination…

1- Type Number in Destination field in the following format


61 + 2 + 12345678

No spaces, final number will look like this 61212345678

2- In the action field Select the extension that was created earlier

3- Select usage type, i.e Voice, Fax or Text

4- Finally select the domain where you want to link this trunk to.

Finally hand over the Username and password of the extention that you created along with the domain to the customer.

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