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This guide is about installing SSL Certificate that you can buy from any CA and install it on FusionPBX. The main operating system is Debian 10. All updates have been installed and FusionPBX has been installed.

This guide only demonstrates How to install SSL for Fusion and I assume that you already know how to install FusionPBX. The webserver is nginx.

Step one – Generate CSR & Private Key

You can generate CSR within your hosting or on your fusion pbx debian server. To keep things simple I am generating CSR using cPanel CSR Wizard and below is the CSR and Private Key that I have generated from cPanel. Remember you can also achieve this within debian. I am generating in cPanel for the sake of it being easy. I am using as an example…

save this CSR as fusion_mytestdomain_net_au.csr using notepad or any text editor.

Save private key as fusion_mytestdomain_net_au.key using any text editor.

Step 2 – Send csr to your CA (Certificate Authority) and get SSL Certificate issued. Once the certificate is issued you need CRT file that was sent to you from your CA and Key file that you generated in the last step to you debian/fusionpbx server in the following directory


Step 3 – Modify NGINX fusionpbx configuration to point to the correct SSL Cert File and Key File. With you favourite text editor for linux open the following file

nano /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/fusionpbx


Once you have the file opened change the file accordingly as illustrated below.

Thats it, you have successfully installed SSL for your

one last step is to restart nginx server by executing the following command on terminal cli

systemctl restart nginx

or just reboot ther whole server


Here is final visibility LOCK

Good luck.

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