Exchange Server Installation Part 1

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Install all the updates on AD Server and Exchange Server. Exchange Server Installation must be on seperate server and not on the same server where AD is installed.

RSAT Tools Installation

Install RSAT Tools by running the followwing command in Elevated PS nstance

Install-WindowsFeature RSAT-ADDS

.NET Framework Installation

Install .NET Framework 4.7.2 or Above (For Server 2019)

Microsoft download link HERE

The exchange server version I am installing is Exchange Sever 2019 Commulative Update ^ or commonly known as CU6, which requires .NET Framework 4.8.

Microsoft Download link is HERE

Its important to check what version you are installing and what .NET framework is required for that particular exchange server version.

Install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft download link HERE

Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 4.0

Microsoft Download Link HERE

Windows Server 2019 prerequisites for Exchange Server 2019

Run the below commandlet to install Server 2019 prerequisits for the Exchange Server 2019 Installation

Install-WindowsFeature Server-Media-Foundation, NET-Framework-45-Features, RPC-over-HTTP-proxy, RSAT-Clustering, RSAT-Clustering-CmdInterface, RSAT-Clustering-Mgmt, RSAT-Clustering-PowerShell, WAS-Process-Model, Web-Asp-Net45, Web-Basic-Auth, Web-Client-Auth, Web-Digest-Auth, Web-Dir-Browsing, Web-Dyn-Compression, Web-Http-Errors, Web-Http-Logging, Web-Http-Redirect, Web-Http-Tracing, Web-ISAPI-Ext, Web-ISAPI-Filter, Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console, Web-Metabase, Web-Mgmt-Console, Web-Mgmt-Service, Web-Net-Ext45, Web-Request-Monitor, Web-Server, Web-Stat-Compression, Web-Static-Content, Web-Windows-Auth, Web-WMI, Windows-Identity-Foundation, RSAT-ADDS

To be continued to part 2

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