Windows Server 2019 Installation

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Once you start the VM you will be prompted with the following screen

Please press any key to continue

Once any key ( and I mean, any key) is pressed then the installation will start

Loading progress circle with BIOS Logo (in this case Hyper-V)

Next you will be prompted with selection screen… Choose Language, time and Keyboard and click Next

Click Install Now on the following screen…

Following screen will be

Now choose you Server Version… and click Next

Accept the agreement and click Next

Choose Installation Type. Because this is a new installation we will be choosing Custom Install Windows Only (Advanced)

Select the disk and click next to proceed with the installation

Wait for the installation to complete.

Once the installation finishes, the system will restart automatically. After the virtual machine has rebooted you will be prompted with the following screen. Enter the password for the Administrator account. Create a secure password.

Once you create the password you will be prompted with the Login screen. Enter the password you just created in the last step to login into the server.

Congratulations, You have just installed Windows Server 2019 successfully.

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